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About Us


SIMPRO Flight Training staff consists of highly qualified corporate, charter, and airline pilots. These instructors deliver a professional training program enhanced by years of experience. We are proud to present such an established team of professionals.


SIMPRO Flight Training Instructors

Arthur St. Arnaud

Chief Simulator Instructor

Arthur has been flying for 34 years and worked in both the corporate and airline industries. As a certified Flight Instructor of Airplanes and as an evaluator in flight training devices, Arthur has accumulated nearly 10,000 hours of total time with 5,000 hours of dual given. Arthur is a graduate of Kelly School of Business at Indiana University and is an Airline Transport Pilot.

Neil Hutton

Simulator Instructor

Neil has been flying for over 15 years and has over 5,000 hours of PIC experience. Neil has experience in both corporate and Part 135 where he has held the Director of Operations and Chief pilot positions for Jet and turbo-prop aircraft. Neil is an Airline Transport Pilot and is a Certified Flight Instructor with single & multi-engine land and instrument certificates.

Fernando (Fred) Arenas

Simulator Instructor

Fred has been flying over 40 years, 32 of those where with a major carrier and 8 years as a corporate pilot.  Fred started as a Chicago Board of Education High School teacher, and then moved on to the airlines as captain in domestic and international operation.  Fred had the honor of being chosen to command “Shepherd One”, Pope John-Paul II’s flight from Baltimore to Rome in October 1995.